Mobile Lotto

Mobile Lotto

Lottery Games for the Mobile Consumer

Our Mobile Lotto solution takes traditional lucky number Lottery games (e.g. 6 of 49) and turns them into a modern-day mobile VAS. With subscription and on-demand monetization, multiple number or letter schemes to choose from, independently certified draw algorithms and round-the-clock, play-from-anywhere availability, our Mobile Lotto is the ideal managed solution for lottery companies looking to add games to their portfolio or to bring their existing games into today’s mobile market.

Certified Draws

Our automated draws are 100% random, as certified by independent third-Party non-profit organizations. Ball machines are not required.

Automated Winner Payments

Play from home and get paid your winnings at home, thanks to our automated prize payments executed as Talk Time or Mobile Money.

Optimized Billing

Our mobile lottery platform offers optimized billing, meaning you always make the absolute most of the billing capacity allotted by the Carrier to your service

Lifetime Value Increase

Mobile Lottery is the VAS with the lowest opt-out rate globally, so it’s no surprise that it boosts customer lifetime value.

Mobile Money Booster

Mobile Lotto’s thousands of weekly small cash prizes can be paid via Mobile Money, thereby contributing heavily to the growth of this pivotal sector of the MNO business.

Our Mobile Lottery games are currently live in DRC and Zambia

Our Mobile Lottery games are currently live in DRC and Zambia