MTS Swipe & Win


MTS Swipe & Win

An interactive prize awarding photo-quiz game
enhancing brand awareness and loyalty.



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MTS is the leading Russian Mobile Operator, with more than 80 million subscribers.

The challenge was to create a unique web based interactive quiz game, using exclusively new interactive technologies. The campaign’s goal was to increase MTS brand awareness and at the same time reward customers’ engagement and loyalty through gamification and prizes.

GU Group combined its expertise on digital technology and interactive campaigns with MTS’s flagship loyalty rewards scheme “Cashback” in order to create these holistic solutions.

Swipe & Win is a fully digital interactive photo-quiz WebApp game, through which participants, apart from high daily and monthly cash prizes, can instantly win cashback amounts. Cashbacks can be used in order to purchase telco bundles as well as any other service or product available at MTS’ loyalty program.


GU Group strategy was to create a user friendly, fast paced and highly engaging interactive game which will also create usage repeatability and build long user survivability.

1-Gaming Experience

The participant must answer correctly as many questions as possible within 45 seconds, by swiping photos Right (Yes/True) or Left (No/False). The player who has the highest amount of correct answers by the end of the day is declared as the winner and is awarded with the prizes of the day.


For every wrong answer given, the participant will lose 5 seconds. Along the game though, there are extra time questions which award the user with additional time.


Within the game, user will come across some special questions. Every time that the user answers correctly a special question, he/she is instantly awarded with a cashback amount. The cashbacks won from the game are stored in users in-app wallet. Every cashback won needs 24 hours mature time in order to be ready to be transferred to MTS’s app and be used to purchase other services/products.

4-User Profile

User could see his/her game statistics, active days in the game and a preview of his/her cashback in-app wallet in the dedicated profile section. Furthermore, user has access to his/her account settings and can fully personalize his/her avatar photo, name, gender, age and be able to log-out/un-sub from the game.

5-Digital Branded Communication


High availability big data architecture



GU Proprietary Platform

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