Inform, engage, entertain and reward

A global first, this disruptive and fresh digital service delivers truly useful information to prepaid consumers and presents it in a way that informs, engages, entertains and rewards. Every month, customers receive an insightful and atypical snapshot of their mobile consumption habits in exchange for a negligible monthly fee. Alongside these insightful infographics, customers participate in free draws for new handsets and are offered bundles that fit their consumption patterns. mySnapStats also provide monetizable ad-space and can help operators to enrich their self-care app.

Informative & Insightful

Information on your mobile consumption patterns is presented in intuitive infographics.

Dual Monetization

Can be monetized as a VAS directly from the consumers through a minimal monthly rate and/or from third Parties thanks to its ad space.

Advanced Communication

Adaptive, personalized, multi-channel communication

(SMS, push, email, in-app, USSD, IVR)


Monthly draws for the latest trending smartphone or a year’s worth of unlimited talk time spice up the experience and help drive both recruitment and retention

NPS Boosting

With the improved transparency, excellent user experience and rich multimedia interface offered to customers, your brand will be sure to score NPS points.

Self-Care App Booster

Making mySnapStats available through your self-care app will increase the app’s overall value and attractiveness, thereby increasing its MAU.