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Below is a snapshot of Flames’s success since they started using EnA




Redeemed Points


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Increase ARPU


WIND Hellas is one of the major telecommunication companies in Greece with more than 4.5 million customers. F2G is the prepaid instance of WIND aiming at a younger audience with tech savvy behavior.

The challenge was to re energize myF2G app by introducing a new loyalty scheme called “Flames” aiming to strengthen F2G customer loyalty, activate subscribers via myF2G app, reduce churn and eventually optimize sales through existing myF2G app.

Verlabs was selected as the strategy and technology partner to design, develop and manage the Loyalty platform powered by a Recommendation Rule Engine along with a gamification element called “Tap & Get It”.


Our strategy included a solution that was centered around a unique & personalized customer experience with gamification elements in order to boost the engagement via the app but also to bring new app users.

Unique Loyalty Experience

Personalized Rewarding Scheme

Subscribers earn loyalty points (Flames) based on personalized campaigns, everytime they perform various actions such as recharging, purchasing bundles, birthdays etc. Reward extra loyal subscribers who launch the app every week with even more points!

Redeem Points & claim prizes

Subscribers can redeem their points in daily, weekly & monthly Contests only via the app. Prizes vary from cars to tech gadgets!

Spice things up with games!

Everytime a subscriber performs a recharge, he gets awarded with a game credit called “Tap & Get It”, which is also available only via the app.

More downloads

Everytime non app subscribers gain points, they receive an SMS that prompts them to download the app!

Real Time Reporting

WIND was able to monitor the performance of the Loyalty Scheme in real-time via the CMS and analyze it in order to make future decisions and to evaluate each action.


High availability big data architecture

“EnA is helping us to be relevant with our Subscribers and to achive our ultimate goal: to improve our customer engagement, that results to higher retention and an increase of ARPU.”

— Michalis Anagnostakos
Chief Consumer Officer, WIND Hellas