fully digital and prize-rewarding Web-App, utilizes the latest gamification trends and creates a highly engaging and fast paced environment for trivia enthusiasts.

Commissioned by MBC Group, flashWIN is available in 18 countries and constitutes the quintessential gaming experience of the quiz world.

Innovative Gameplay

GU Group has taken the basic quiz game concept and elevated it to something unique. Utilizing clever gamification elements, dynamic UI and personalization tactics we have developed the ultimate game that values knowledge, skill and time management creating an addictive environment that boosts player engagement and strengthens brand loyalty.


Answering a predetermined amount of questions correctly awards players with instant cash prizes. Players also collect points for each correct answer, based on a dynamic points feed, with which they participate in monthly contests. The contest prizes can vary from mobile devices to tech gadgets.

tournament mode

In the newest addition to flashWIN gameplay, participants can challenge other players in quiz tournaments and win prizes based on their performance by scoring top place on the leaderboard.

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