MTN Za Bok Trivia

bok trivia

fully digital and prize-rewarding Web-App, utilizes the latest gamification trends and creates a highly engaging experience for rugby fans.

Commissioned by MTN South Africa, Bok Trivia has proven to be the ultimate tool for our client to highlight and promote their sponsorship with the Springboks, South Africa’s national rugby union team and current Rugby World Cup champions.

Dynamic Gameplay

Taking inspiration from the most successful dating app in the world, we have created a trivia gaming experience like no other. Utilizing clever gamification elements, and a dynamic UX that uses the element of surprise, we have achieved high levels of player engagement, continuous brand interaction, and by being optimally timed, every game round feels fresh and unique.

rewards mix

We have cooked up the perfect mix of available prizes with a combination of rugby themed rewards to boost team pride and telco goodies to strengthen MTN brand affiliation. With this prize mix, we have been able to spice up the user experience, incentivize participants to remain active on the MTN network and boost engagement and recruitment.

Mobile Money

Embracing extra objectives of our clients is in the core of our approach. Cash prize payment via Mobile Money has positively contributed to the growth of this pivotal sector of the MNO business.

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