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MBC Dream

The largest Mega Interactive Campaign in the MENA region





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MBC Group is the largest private free-to-air satellite broadcasting company in the Middle East & North Africa region, including 18 TV channels and 2 radio stations, and holding the largest SMS mega promo in the region.

The challenge was to optimize all aspects of Dream, migrate more than 40 different connections, revamping the communication after already having ran for 9 years, aiming to extend the subscribers base and to reactivate previous subscribers.

GU Group was selected in 2016, as the strategy and technology partner to design, host & optimize DREAM, leveraging from our rich experience of the business and the market.


Providing a solid technical operation, contributing with strategic commercial decisions, while leveraging from the strong presence in the market to create meaningful impact on performance aiming to maximize brand awareness, participation and boost user engagement through delicate handling & optimization of the user experience.

Our new platform currently handles game traffic, reporting requirements, offering the ability to constantly add new gamification elements and ensuring maximum service technical stability.

Vast Scope of Work


Supporting connections in 15 countries, with 15+ service providers and 40+ telecommunication companies, offering multiple mediums of participation.

User Experience

Engaging flow available in 3 different languages, tailored with personalization and gamification elements, keeping very targeted and to the point communication to optimize user experience, operating in 4 different time zones.

Blaise Platform

Solid technical operation with our new platform currently handling game traffic, providing real-time reporting feed, offering the ability to constantly add new gamification elements and ensuring maximum connectivity stability.

Web app

Complementing subscription service, subscribers can gather additional chances by answering questions correctly on the web app.

Live draws

Draws are hosted live on MBC1, with our company providing draw platform and technical support throughout the process to ensure flawless execution.

“I needed a chance to secure, for my sons, a life better than the one I had to live.
I saw the promo on MBC and I participated.”

– $1,000,000 winner
Nawal AlAqili (Morocco)