Value Booster

Value Booster 

simplified version of our strongest solution platform EnA, focusing on campaigns that provide an increase in incremental revenues, most of the times with a zero risk, zero CAPEX model.

Developed for MTN Zambia, Value Booster has proved to be the ultimate plug and play solution for the operator, increasing core revenues in just 3 months.

Gamified interactions

Following the latest trends and utilizing the newest technology, we built a user experience like no other. With the use of gamification elements in the form of a point system we created a dynamic and personalized experience that was based on carefully detailed customer segments and known company goals.

Rewards mix

Throughout Value Booster’s duration we were able to reward almost 3.5K participants with a prize distribution model that resulted in numerous winners every day and every week and a grand winner at the end of each month. Our prize mix was the perfect combination of smartphones, cash, and telco goodies to keep participants happy and close to the MTN brand.

activate users

Through our targeted efforts and carefully planned and curated communication and CTAs we were able to wake up and engage a significant percentage of all previously dormant users In just 2 weeks!

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