Zambia Millions

zambia millions 

he Zambia telecommunications market can be considered as one of the better developed in Sub-Saharan Africa, with three active operators and an 80% mobile penetration rate. For us at GU Group, this became an opportunity for the development of a solution that would help usher the market into a new era.

The main challenge came in the form of Mobile Money. What we needed was to create a strategy to boost the existing Mobile Money platforms, increase their user base and the number of transactions happening on Mobile Money ecosystems.

In the end, our proposal to the three operators was the design of a mobile lottery (6/49) game (the first mobile lottery in the country) which would reward its winners via Mobile Money.

various rewards

With weekly draws and millions in prizes.

credible and transparent

Zambia Millions is based on audited and certified processes. The random number generation algorithm used to conduct the electronic draws of the mobile lottery is prepared by and independently audited and certified by eCOGRA.

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